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Hey book lovers! Jazz up your wedding or everyday hairstyle with a hair comb made from the pages of your favorite books! 

This listing is for one hair comb in your choice of color(s) and book. Each comb comes with one large center rose and two small side roses. 



Approximately 4 inches wide.


Include your choices of colors for the following details, as well as your choice of book. Omission of this information may delay your order. Please refer to my color chart in the photos above for all color options.


You get to choose the following color details:
Center Rose - choice of one color
Side Roses - choice of up to two colors


Book Choice - Include both the Title and Author



Please see my full color chart in the photos above. Actual colors may differ slightly from those on your screen, as each dye color is freshly hand-mixed and pages are individually hand-dyed for every order. The natural page color as well as the unique paper qualities of each individual book will also affect the final color.



You get to choose the book from which your roses are made! If I don't have it in stock, I'll order it. Click here to see the list of in stock titles. Orders made from in-stock titles will have a shorter lead time.



Each item is handmade to order. Lead time ranges from 1-4+ weeks, depending on the speed with which I'm able to acquire your book choice, the total size of your order, as well as the busyness of my shop. Large orders will require more time to complete. If you would like a more accurate estimate of lead time, please contact me.


Because this hair accessory is made from paper, it is not moisture resistant. It is designed to be a final accessory to your hairstyle. Please be sure all hair products are applied and dried prior to adding this comb to your hair.

Three Rose Hair Comb with Customization

Left Rose Color
Center Rose Color
Right Rose Color
This item is handmade just for you and will ship 1-4 weeks from date of order. (see "Lead Time" section for more information)

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