This listing is for one 10-inch diameter bridal bouquet in a traditional round shape, with matching groom's boutonniere, handmade from the pages of your favorite book. Based on your flower and color preferences, I will design your bridal bouquet and boutonniere for a truly one of a kind set.

I currently offer 25+ different types of flowers/foliage and 30 color choices. Please choose up to 5 flower/foliage varieties and up to 7 colors to use in the creation of a unique design for your wedding.

You also get to choose the book(s) from which your order is made!

In the appropriate text boxes, please include the following information:

1. Flowers/Foliage - Choose up to 5 varieties. See all available floral/foliage options here. If you're unsure of which ones to choose, list the varieties you like and I'll select the 5 that work best together.

2. Wedding colors - Choose up to 7 colors. The color chart can be viewed in the photos for color names. If you have a preference on primary, secondary or accent colors, please include this information. Also, if your attire are colors other than the traditional white/black, please include this information so I can coordinate the color scheme appropriately. 


NOTE: The color chart is for general reference and colors are not guaranteed to be an exact match, as each dye color is freshly hand-mixed and pages are individually hand-dyed for every order. The natural page color as well as the unique paper qualities of each individual book will also affect the final color. 


3. Book Choice(s) - Choose up to 2 books, including both the title and author for each book. Please specify if you'd like one book for your bouquet and the other book for the boutonniere, or both items to be made from a mix of both books.

4. Stem Wrap Material - Choose from Jute Twine, Ivory Lace Ribbon, or Satin Ribbon in your choice of color. Stems will be partially wrapped with a clean top edge.

I will contact you via email within 48 hours to present your custom design and to discuss the details of your order. 

Current lead time is 4+ months. Please ensure your wedding date is beyond this timeframe prior to ordering. 

Fully Customized Bridal Bouquet with Matching Groom's Boutonniere